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Working Papers

Place-Based Redistribution
(with C. Gaubert, P. Kline, and D. Vergara)
Revision invited at American Economic Review.
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The Rise of Pass-Throughs and the Decline of the Labor Share
(with M. Smith, O. Zidar, and E. Zwick)
American Economic Review: Insights 2022, volume 4(3) pp.323-340.

Trends in U.S. Spatial Inequality: Concentrating Affluence and a Democratization of Poverty
(with C. Gaubert, P. Kline, and D. Vergara)
AEA Papers and Proceedings 2021, volume 111, pp.520-525..
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Income Segregation and Intergenerational Mobility Across Colleges in the United States
(with R. Chetty, J. N. Friedman, E. Saez, and N. Turner)
Quarterly Journal of Economics 2020, volume 135(3) pp.1567-1633.
See also: slides study website data mobility report cards for every college previous version non-technical summary of original findings non-technical summary of added findings

Capitalists in the Twenty-First Century
(with M. Smith, O. Zidar, and E. Zwick)
Quarterly Journal of Economics 2019, lead article, volume 134(4) pp.1675-1745.
Policy brief on Gingrich-Edwards loophole: Tax Avoidance at the Top

Employment Hysteresis from the Great Recession
Journal of Political Economy 2019, volume 127(5), pp.2505-2558.
See also: full version with online appendix old version with migration results data

Capital Tax Reform and the Real Economy: The Effects of the 2003 Dividend Tax Cut
American Economic Review 2015, lead article, volume 105(12) pp. 3531-3563.
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How Does Your Kindergarten Classroom Affect Your Earnings? Evidence from Project STAR
(with R. Chetty, J.N. Friedman, N. Hilger, E. Saez, and D. W. Schanzenbach)
Quarterly Journal of Economics 2011, lead article, volume 126(4) pp. 1593-1660.
See also: slides appendix summary for education professionals

Optimal Taxation in Theory and Practice
(with N. G. Mankiw and M. Weinzierl)
Journal of Economic Perspectives 2009, volume 23(4) pp. 147-174.
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Business in the United States: Who Owns It and How Much Tax Do They Pay?
(with M. Cooper, J. McClelland, J. Pearce, R. Prisinzano, J. Sullivan, O. Zidar, and E. Zwick)
Tax Policy and the Economy 2016, volume 30 pp. 91-128.
See also: slides summary for public discussion with Jim Poterba data

Supply vs. Demand under an Affirmative Action Ban: Estimates from UC Law Schools
Journal of Public Economics 2016, volume 137 (May) pp. 38-50.
See also: appendix

The SOI Databank: A Case Study in Leveraging Administrative Data for Evidence-Based Policymaking
(with R. Chetty, J.N. Friedman, and E. Saez)
Statistical Journal of the IAOS 2018, volume 34 pp. 99-103.

Resting Papers

Capital Gains Withholding (2021)
(with E. Saez and G. Zucman)
See also: slides

Improving Tax Reporting Infrastructure (2020)
(with E. Saez and G. Zucman)

Jobs Numbers across Countries since COVID-19 (2020)
(with M. Gimbel and J. Rothstein)
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Riding the Bubble? Chasing Returns into Illiquid Assets (2014)

Relic From a Former Life

Alternation of SMRT Tumor Suppressor Function in Transformed Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas
(with L. Song, A. Zlobin, P. Ghoshal, Q. Zhang, C. Houde, S. Wijzen, Q. Jiang, E. Nacheva, E. Davis, S. Galiegue-Zouitina, D. Catovsky, T. Grogan, R. Fisher, L. Miele, and L. Coignet)
Cancer Research 2005, volume 65(11) pp. 4554-4561.